Our crew get asked dozens of questions every day so don’t be too scared to ask! If you don’t find what you want to know send us an email or give us a call on 1300 807 024.

On the day

Do you operate every day?

Yes, we operate 7 days a week (weather permitting)

When do you fly?

We take off just around sunrise, when the air is calm and stable.
Meeting time is usually 45 minutes to one hour before dawn. The exact time will be given to you when you call in for your weather check the evening before the flight.

Where do we meet?

Meeting us is easy. We meet at Mercure Resort Hunter Valley, 2090 Broke Rd, Pokolbin 2320. You can park onsite for free and we have breakfast here after the flight. Mercure is the best sign posted destination in the heart of the Hunter Valley making it easy to find when you are still half asleep!

What should I wear or bring?

Wear hiking style clothing and bring a hat. Sturdy shoes are recommended, as feet can get wet in the early morning dew.

Please bring sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen.

Ladies, no skirts, flimsy scarves or high heels please. Depending on the season, you may need jeans, jumper, beanie and a jacket that you can remove as the morning warms up.

Is breakfast included?

Yes! A gourmet champagne buffet breakfast is provided at the end of the flight back at Mercure Resort Hotel. It is delicious!


What happens if the weather is bad?

Your safety is paramount to us and we will not fly when it is wet or too windy.

Hot air ballooning is a weather dependent activity – we can only fly safely in calm light winds normally about 3 to 10 kts.

Any flight may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, this is normally done the night before when you phone for confirmation. The weather can outwit even the best meteorologists and an early morning cancellation or even a cancellation on the field is feasible, although this is very rare.

We do appreciate that you may be disappointed if your flight is unfortunately cancelled due to adverse weather, but it is done with your safety in mind and the wait for that perfect morning is always worth it.

Gift Vouchers are Non-Refundable.

How will we know if it is cancelled?

We will call all passengers between 3pm – 6pm the day before to confirm status of flight and arrival time. Please ensure we have your correct contact details. There will also be a confirmation text and email confirming your flight. If the weather suddenly changes the morning of, please keep your phone on you as the pilot will call/text to advise of any last minute cancellations due to weather. Alternatively call us on 1300 80 70 24.

What do I do if flight is cancelled?

If we cancel the flight, you can either reschedule for another day or have a full refund. If you cancel the flight at short notice, a fee may apply. For cancellation conditions please see our T&Cs.

Is it cold during the flight?

The coldest part of the morning is on the ground whilst we are inflating the balloon. It is not cold in the balloon – the temperature is the same as on the ground, we move with the breeze so there is no wind chill factor.


Is it safe?

Unlike centuries ago, hot air balloons these days are safer than ever and one of the safest form of flight in the world today.

Our Senior Pilot Daren Pallet is Hunter Valley’s most experienced and knowledgeable pilot. Flying since 1990’s, Daren is a certified Commercial Pilot issued by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and can fly both our small and large balloons. He also holds a Maintenance Authority issued by CASA certifying his competency in the maintenance of the balloons.

He and his team of professional fully licensed Commercial Pilots will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the flight scenery around you, knowing you are in safe and qualified hands.

Our ground crew consists of a small team of professionals. All crew are certified in their competency in retrieval driving, hot air balloon construction and in champagne pouring. Our crew play an integral role in the safety and enjoyment of your hot air balloon experience, they are regularly trained and assessed in excess of the CASA standard.  This ensures that their standards of competence are of the highest possible level.


What is the breakfast included?

We provide a gourmet hot/cold buffet champagne breakfast after your flight. Dietary options are available but please call our friendly staff ahead of your flight to let them know.

Can extra people who do not fly join me for breakfast?

Yes, you can book this through us at 1300 80 70 24. Charges apply.